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Towards the UN Environment Assembly:  Combatting Global Pollution

On February 9, UN Environment’s North America Officer convened a regional stakeholder consultation, “Towards the UN Assembly: Combating Global Pollution,” in cooperation with  the UN Foundation in Washington D.C. The event featured expert panelists who highlighted the impact of various types of pollution on human health and the environment. The discussions centered around the advancements and complexities in combating pollution on the international, national, state and local levels. It also served to capture civil society perspectives on the topic of global pollution that will be shared at the third UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-3) to be held in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2017.

Over 70 participants from civil society and government participated in the event which included the election of a new Regional Major Groups and Stakeholder Representatives to UN Environment, North America Office. Michelle Wyman accepted the nomination while currently serving as the Executive Director of the National Council for Science and the Environment. She joins Christian Ledwell from the International Institute for Sustainable Development as the two representatives who will share the perspectives of North America’s civil society at UNEA-3.  



NCSE 2017: Integrating Environment and Health 
24 - 26 January 2017
Crystal City, VA