Connect with nature and you won’t let go, says Sir David Attenborough

The theme to the 2017 edition of UN Environment’s biggest awareness-raising event of the year on 5 June is ‘connecting people with nature’, and the legendary broadcaster reminds us that we are very much a part of it.

“Every mouthful of food, every breath of air is owed to nature. We depend on it,” Attenborough notes in the interview.

People can build a connection to nature from the countryside and cities alike and from a very early age, says Sir David. “There isn’t a child that doesn't get filled with wonder by nature, even from a very early age,” he believes.

“If you lose passion for nature you’ve lost one of more precious things human beings have. It is the source of everything we find beautiful,” Sir David reminds us.

Yet in order to stand a chance of preserving our planet, the Paris Agreement must now be implemented, he underlines, calling on the US not to withdraw from the treaty.

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